Safety Network can meet your requirements for Entry and Exit Signs. Industrial, Commercial, Corporate buildings all require adequate signage, particularly to usher people out of the building in an emergency. We’ve included some documentation regarding Entry and Exit Signs Below.

Electrical vs Luminous:  Australian Standards AS2293 only allow for illuminated electric exit signs.  However the Building codes have made allowances for luminous signs providing the following:

  • The photoluminescent exit sign to be continuously charged by a light source as this materials needs charging by lights
  • The photoluminescent material needs to provide minimum luminance of 30mcd/m2 for not less than 90 minutes.

New Pictogram:  It is recommended that the pictogram signs be used for new buildings or refurbishments where an entire building or floor’s exit signs are being changed.   If only a limited number of signs are being changed, it may be prudent to use existing EXIT signage as it is recommended that to avoid confusion, pictogram and EXIT signage not be integrated down the same egress paths.

Installation:  Recommended installation height is between 2m and 2.7m above floor level.  Sign can go higher if it is immediately above the door.
An exit sign must be clearly visible at all times when the building is occupied by any person having the right of legal entry to the building.
Any building over 100m2 built after 1st July 1994 require at least one exit sign.  Any work premises with a floor area of over 300m2.