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GHS Hazchem Labels – Exclamation Mark

GHS Hazchem Labels – Exclamation Mark

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Dangerous Goods and Hazchem items are to be clearly identified and labelled whilst being transported or stored in your facility.It is so important to ensure that any dangerous goods, chemicals or gases, are stored correctly; they also need to have the appropriate signage in case of any emergency.

  • Available in a variety of sizes and material types
  • Complies with ADG, WHS Regulations and Australian Standard AS1216-2006
  • Dangerous Goods must be clearly identified and labelled whilst being stored in your facility or while being transported
  • You can check what your labelling requirements are by referring to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG7)

MaterialMetal, Poly, Self Adhesive
Size100x100mm, 20x20mm, 270x270mm, 50x50mm
FinishSquare Corners
BrandUniform Safety Signs

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